FESTIVAL FOOD... Eat Drink style.

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"You don't need a silver fork to eat good food." -Paul Prudhomme


Not everyone’s idea of dining heaven is sitting at long tables for a formal or even informal feast. You can still treat you guests, have fun and celebrate with a laid back festival style approach to dining.


When hosting guests for more than a few hours (and weddings usually run to 8-10)  the cardinal rule is to make sure that there is enough food, served at the right time. We love to create a framework for your day with food moments, these moments help to switch up the dynamics and energise the flow of a long day.


We regularly create a rolling menu based on the following….but remember you are limited only by your imagination- we can create a menu to suit for any occasion.


-       Post ceremony start guests with a signature cocktail, champagne, homemade lemonade with or with a little buzz or a simple zesty Pimm’s, served with a lush help yourself grazing table.

-       Progress to finger food and a go to bar, for a Festival style event that could be cones of sizzling salt & pepper calamari and French fries, baby cheeseburgers and Haloumi skewers. Served with bubbles, your favourite brews and a vino or two.

-       Dinner can unfold over an hour or two, our Food Stations slot here perfectly, fun, dynamic and delicious; select one or two, we have plenty of choice from Spanish Tapas and Paella, to Gourmet BBQ’s, Mexican Fiesta’s and a cook to order Noodle Bar, to name a few.

-       Dessert can be equally dynamic- DIY sundaes from our gelato bar, DIY pavlovas and made to order crepes.

-       If you are in for the long haul we can leave supper as we depart- a warm glazed ham with crusty bread and pickles, Toasties or hand pies.


Here are a few examples of FOOD STATIONS below to get you started- if you would like to see the full menu drop us a line by phone or email. For more on Festival style weddings check out our little sisters blog www.byronweddingvine.com.au

 Gourmet BBQ

In the best Aussie tradition, a sizzling bbq with all the favourites…


Our standard gourmet bbq is a mix & match affair & includes three choices from the barbie plus the extras

  • steak sangas; marinated rib-eye popped in a bap, caramelised onion, aioli, buttercrunch lettuce, swiss cheese, heirloom tomatoes

  • baby pork & veal sausages with sage garlic & lemon

  • lemon, garlic and thyme chicken sticks, rocket mayo

  • balinese chicken satay kebabs, lime peanut coriander dip

  • fresh local prawns marinated in garlic, lemon, chilli, herbs

  • quick fry thai squid, tossed in soy, chilli, lime, coriander, ginger

  • bbq barramundi or snapper skewers, dill & lemon tartare

  • haloumi, zucchini & lemon rosemary skewers

  • polenta, cherry tomato & capsicum skewers

& served with

Shoestring fries or classic potato salad, creamy horseradish dressing

Chargrilled hot buttered corn in the husk

Red slaw or country garden salad

Mustards & sauces; tomato, our own southwest smokey bbq, mayonnaise


Singapore Noodles

The best of a night noodle market cooked to order over an open flame


Hokkien noodles wok flashed with your choice of

Beef, chicken or prawn

a selection of asian vegetables; garlic, ginger, shallots, beans, wombok, bamboo, baby corn, oyster mushrooms, broccoli, bok choy, snow peas, cauliflower, bean shoots, red capsicum…..

finish with satay sauce, singapore black bean sauce, or chilli, lime & soy

& top with crispy crunchy bits to finish your dish- peanuts, crispy fried shallot,  

Prawn crackers, coriander, extra lime squeezes and chilli

Served in bamboo boats, noodle boxes or rice bowls

Mexican Chipotle Grill

A Mexican fiesta cooked to order, we embrace the smoky deliciousness of a Mexican BBQ full of colour, flavour and market fresh ingredients

Our Mexican Chipotle Grill is a mix & match affair, including three choices for the grill plus accompaniments

  • fajita beef, caramelised onion, mustard mayo

  • chihuahua sausages- baby spicy pork hot dogs, in a baby bun

  • tequila chicken sticks marinated in moonshine & lemon, smoky salt sprinkle

  • garlic chilli prawns with lime and mexican spices

  • salsa marinaded snapper on lemongrass or sugarcane skewers, lime coriander tartar

  • whole local baby squid- skewered,  french fries, corona & lemon mayonnaise on the side…

  • spicy quinoa, blackbean & corn burgers


               & served with

               Mix & match toppings of chop chop lettuce, guacamole, tomatilla salsa,

               Queso fresca, jack cheese, chilli sauce, mojito mayo, coriander, jalapenos            

               with Mexican rice, beans, chilli and coriander hot buttered corn 


! We know that not everyone loves a hot tamale, all our dishes can be tailored to suit your tastebuds & we always keep a little fire on the side for those who want to spice things up

Spanish Tapas and Paella Bar

Paella choose one

Fisherman’s; the smoky kick of chorizo, local prawns, squid, mussels & Spanish Mackerel. Saffron alioli


Valencia; saffron, rabbit or chicken, chorizo, garden peas & broad beans, parsley, lemon & garlic alioli


Heirloom; pearl turnips, garden peas, purple heirloom carrots, baby beetroots, heirloom truss tomatoes. Beetroot alioli

Tapas choose two

  • Patatas Bravas; crispy fried potatoes, hazelnut alioli & chilli sauce

  • Croquettas, house-made potato croquettes, serrano ham & manchego cheese centres

  • Crispy roast pork belly, braised fennel & green apple salsa

  • S & P squid, smoked salt & paprika, crispy fried, lemon squeezes & classic alioli

  • Abondigas en salsa; beef & pork meatballs, saucy little morsels

  • Crisp crumb cumin chicken, red capsicum jam

  • Tortilla Espanola; Spanish omelette of potato, egg, lemon thyme, & Manchego


& served with

Spanish chopped salad, red onion, iceberg, capsicum, tomato, carrot,

Herbs, lemon and extra virgin olive oil dressing, alioli & chargrilled garlic toasts.





Start your WedFest the Right way. Image Shane Shepherd Wedding Photography

Start your WedFest the Right way. Image Shane Shepherd Wedding Photography

Image Shane Shepherd Wedding Photography

Image Shane Shepherd Wedding Photography

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