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“When people talk, listen completely…” Ernest Hemingway



Mobile catering is an art that requires a very high level of skill, planning and preparation to ensure a smooth event. Our collective skill base at Eatdrink spans many decades, with a huge variety of experiences and expertise. Meaning, we have seen it all and nothing is left to chance, our clients are at all times in the very safe hands of a passionate team.


We pride ourselves on our absolute dedication to professionalism and take great pleasure in developing an excellent working relationship with our clients, whether we are planning mobile catering on the Gold Coast to a 3 day wedding in the country and all that is in between.


Successful, memorable events are the result of many hours of planning by many people, even the simplest ones. To ensure an event runs smoothly requires a high level of focus on the detail in the planning  stage, well above and beyond the service of the food.  All aspects of hire need to be considered, logistics planned and running schedules created, then managed to ensure the day runs seamlessly. From ourselves we demand first class service and beautiful produce, coupled with a creative flair for menu development and food presentation which has always resulted in wonderful events and happy customers.


Before you get started with planning your celebration embrace the ‘never a dull moment’ attitude. The key to your guests enjoying the spirit of your celebration is to keep the event an EVENT. By creating a progression of WOW moments throughout the day, you keep things lively and assure that guests are not left to entertain themselves for long periods. A change of scenery works beautifully, simply moving from one area to a new ‘reveal’ is a fantastic way to create a new moment and keep the energy moving. Another is changing the format in which food and drink is presented or using entertainers to change up the vibe.


Golden rule- choose a passionate caterer. Many of our clients stress how important their menu is; we know that wining, dining & extending hospitality is an integral part of the way to entertain guests at an event. A passionate caterer is going to ensure you have a menu that stands up to expectation, and will step outside the role of just cooking, taking an interest in and casting an eye over the whole event, making sure the client can simply sit back and enjoy.


Additionally a caterer needs to be flexible; menus need to be tailored to fit budgets, running schedules and individual styles. Not to mention being able to be adaptable on the day; running schedules can run over, client wishes can change, power can drop out and weather can always throw a spanner in the works. A quality team is unruffled in the face of adversity. Our team is of ‘the show must go on’ variety, whatever arises it's a proud moment to know we can deliver a top class service, in spite of circumstance. We have stories to tell, from battling severe storms with hurricane winds, giant hail stones, power failure, flooding, and even an emergency rescue, yet through all of this the team still manages to deliver beautiful food and a happy event.


The right caterer will be able to offer all of this along with great clear communication with a smile.

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