Jane and Chris’ New Year’s Eve Wedding

The Summerhouse

Byron Bay, NSW

There is truly something magical about a wedding on New Year’s Eve. The festive essence of the day itself seems to seethe into and intertwine with the merriment and excitement of a wedding catering. Jane and Chris were blessed with an absolutely gorgeous afternoon that sprawled into the evening with just a shy drop of rain here or there.

A small group of just thirty-six plus three wee ones, it was an intimate gathering that really opened up and made us feel like part of the celebration. The feasting menu led way to a tailored combination of Moroccan flavors with some local favorites.

  • Hot Breads served with Organic Butter

  • Moroccan Carrot and Bean Salad, Black Sesame Seeds, Orange Dressing

  • Vegetarian Tagine, Tomato, Preserved Lemon, Peas, Thyme & Saffron

  • Jeweled Couscous infused with Citrus Zest, Pine Nuts, Herbs, Capsicum, Pomegranate, & Cranberries

  • Grilled Catch of the Day: Mahi Mahi rubbed in Coriander Crust with Lime Zest & Ginger

  • Steamed Summer Greens tossed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Lemon

  • Roasted butternut and Roma Tomato Salad with Baby Spinach, Mint & Garlic Yogurt Dressing, Flaked Almonds

  • Rolled Bangalow Pork rubbed in Fennel, Garlic & Lemon with Homemade Apple & Pear Sauce and Crackling

Ringing in the New Year with this lovely couple was a blissful moment for us, and left a special note on the end of the evening for everyone that was there.

Sarah DeNardi