Louise and Brian


Deux Belettes Guesthouse

Dalwood, Byron Bay Hinterland

Despite the rainy outcome, the best was made of this day at Deux Bellettes guest house in Dalwood, one of our absolutely favorite venues. One step onto this property and you are instantly transported to Europe as you walk across the grounds of this amazing French Chateau.  It proved to be the right place for Louise and Brian to celebrate their big day in a very big festival style.

Having met at the Glastonbury Festival in Scotland, they themed the day around that idea.  Bright vibrant colors, games to be played, each table with it’s own Stage Name.  The energy inside the marquee was enough to make up for the gloomy grey skies outside, and it never really is a proper festival without a little rain.

The feasting menu brought everyone together in a festive way of passing around and sharing the plates.  And the selected carvers for the roast added to the merriment of the evening.  The warmth continued onto the dance floor as everyone joined in to celebrate.

Sarah DeNardi