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With summer on the horizon it is the season for Outdoor Catering on the Gold Coast. The promise of long balmy evenings and incredible sunsets is the perfect enticement to gather outdoors for celebrations. Whether a gourmet BBQ birthday gathering, a swish office Christmas soiree or a spectacular night under the stars to celebrate a wedding, we have done it all (and more). Our experience ensures that we have all your outdoor catering solutions at our fingertips to guarantee the most memorable celebration!


Think of us as your catering concierge. Outdoor catering can definitely add a few extra considerations at the planning stage to make certain that all guests enjoy the  celebration to its fullest.


1 Our first tip is to make sure that you fully brief your caterer on all aspects and expectations of your event! But don’t worry we will make ample time for you to have a chat with us and any key areas that  haven’t been resolved will certainly be covered in the ‘getting to know you’ process. 


2 Second key consideration is to understand you space- particularly given you are planning an outdoor catering event- do not second guess. What/where are the power sources, is there a gazebo, where will the catering tent go, have you adequate power (eg- generators or alternate power source), is your site exposed to wind, in general what is the weather like at that time of year, will there be furniture hire, what are the amenities (eg toilets, transport) etc? A good understanding of the space and its logistics will help you/us plan for any little details that need addressing. The success of your event is all in the details.


3 Have a back-up plan- we can advise and organise the best options for your event depending on location/type of event and budget- Outdoor catering on the Gold Coast runs without a hitch 80% of the time but auxiliary plans are your ‘get out of jail free’ card in the event of rain or other unsociable weather.


4 Plan your menu wisely- we can advise on the menu best suited to your location. The more remote the outdoor catering site, the simpler menu should be. This does not mean you have to forgo fabulous flavour and impact, it simply means that circumstances may suit a heartier more robust menu, let’s call it a souffle free zone.


5 Let’s bookend the tips with a return to tip 1- embrace your caterer, they (we mean us) have hundreds if not thousands (also us) of events of all shapes and sizes notched up. They will certainly be your best ally and tool when planning your next outdoor catering on the Gold Coast event!

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Sarah DeNardi