Angela and Tim


Ed’s Farm

Myocum, NSW

This was an event completely styled and coordinated by Eatdrink, which saw us creating a little city for a day out of a blank canvas of sprawling lawn.

On a lovely little farm in Myocum, belonging to the groom’s brother, the setting for the day was created with the aid of hay bales and custom pillows, long banquet tables for the sit down feasting and long linen table runners to suit the rustic appeal of the day.

When the guests arrived they were greeted with drinks and led down a pathway across the lawn to the outside of the marquee.  The mezze was enjoyed while awaiting the return of the bridal party.  Upon their arrival the party really got started.  Everyone continued to enjoy the canapes amongst the country chic setup, and then entered the marquee to a sit down feast that would satisfy anyone’s country soul, complete with guests chosen to carve the roast for all at their table.

The dancing went on well into the evening after the guests were fully fed and the stars were plentiful in the sky.

Sarah DeNardi