Liz and Joel

Byron Bay Wedding

The wedding of Liz and Joel was a  showcase of Eatdrink’s ability to transform someone’s own backyard into a themed event focused around the food.

It was a sunshine filled Byron day in early Spring at the Bride’s parents’ house.  Guests arrived and were greeted with a tropical drink of Pineapple, Mint, Ginger and Lime.  After the ceremony they eased into the celebration with a refreshing Pimm’s and started mingling across the lawn.

While Liz and Joel had their photos taken at different little nooks of the garden, the Moroccan inspired canapes started being delivered from the kitchen.  A varied collection of flavors were passed around such as Grilled Halloumi and Zucchini Skewers, Pumpkin Spiced Samosas with Harissa Yogurt Dip, Mini Lamb and Harissa Pizzas, Moroccan Chicken Cigars with Cumin Spiced Chickpea Whip and Lamb Kofta with Eggplant and Rosewater Relish.  These were passed around the lawn and the tennis court which had been transformed into a cocktail setting completely covered with strings of colored flags to set off a feeling of the colors one would see at a Moroccan Market

The Moroccan Tagine bar was a hit with guests lining up and coming back for seconds and some even thirds!  It was dressed with accents of Moroccan lights and garlands.  Only to match the look was the food, with Jewelled Couscous, Tabouleh, and fresh off the grill Flat Breads to go with the Lamb, Chicken or Vegetarian Tagines.  Completed with fresh accompaniments of Coriander, Minted Yogurt, Chillies and It gave a cosy feeling to the still early setting sun and slight chill left in the air from late Winter.

The dessert station turned out to be quite the show stopper as well.  Filled with nearly any delight you could imagine, and set on their own individual vintage bowl, platter or dessert stand, there were bite sized brownies, tarts, Turkish Delight, candies, cupcakes and so much more.  People were lining up to take photos before diving in and devouring the massive spread of treats.

Sarah DeNardi