Victoria and Michael

Bangalow Guest House

Bangalow, NSW

The 11th of November 2011 was one of the busiest dates on the Eatdrink catering calendar, as well as one of the most auspicious dates numerologically.  Bangalow Guest House hosted a beautiful feasting menu for Victoria & Michael’s wedding.  The Jacarandas were in full and perfect bloom providing a mystical canopy over the old homestead and heightened the auspicious mood of the day.

It was our first event at the recently renovated venu – we put on our removalist hats and cleared out the main living room to enable all guests to fit at two grand tables within the house, but not without first enjoying the ceremony and canapes by the riverside and surrounding gardens.  Within the house, chandeliers and a large handsome mirror set of a bespoke collection of cut crystal candle votifs on the set tables, and our platters of food simply shone, as did some beautiful floral centerpieces designed around the brides dress.

It was a very sophisticated and elegant evening, with true heart and soul from the bride and grooms inner sanctum to match.  We look forward to doing more beautiful events at the guesthouse, and wish Victoria and Michael all the absolute best in married life.

Sarah DeNardi