Jane and Chris

Jane and Chris’ Home

Byron Bay, NSW

Opening your home to your friends and family on your wedding day creates an amazingly intimate feeling that brings in the warmth of being surrounded by your loved ones and the joyfulness of the day by tenfold.  This particular evening at Chris and Jane’s home did just that as it was set to an amazing amount of merriment and an extra touch of closeness when the rain set in.

The rain held out through the canapés where everyone was gathered around the pool engaged in mingling conversation. Then it showed up in theatric measure as we were serving up the Gourmet BBQ catering.  That didn’t stop us from figuring out a way to keep the guests, and the food, dry as they lined up for serves of baby fish and chips in a paper cone with a personalized story on it, or the gourmet steak burgers straight off the BBQ and made to order.

The music and the dancing did not stop, and it just kept going until the very end of the evening.

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Sarah DeNardi