Roz and David

Katz on Belongil

Byron Bay

Byron was in desperate need of some stunning autumn weather, and May 12th delivered it to the very lucky guests of Roz & Dave.

The wet weather plan was in place, but fortunate for all the clear skies and warm temps meant everyone could meander through the private track to Belongil Beach and enjoy a knock out beach ceremony. Waitpersons served in the sand with a makeshift bar, then one & all returned to the house for the reception.

We decided to have some canapes circulating on platters, while the majority were cooked off the BBQ and guests could come visit our chef in action – it complemented the beach side theme perfectly and showcased the great Aussie BBQ to a large and impressed Kiwi contingent.

Lunch followed in the garden, under the fold of a giant Bedouin style tent.  Staff assisted to flip and served the whole baby snappers at the table, and nominated  guests sported butchers’ aprons to help carve up the half day braised beef.

The sticky date & pecan wedding cake was a big hit for pudding, and the crew signed off at the end of the day with our trademark Caramelised Bangalow Ham on the table.

The Menu

To begin   (served by the pool)
* Giant Mezze Platter of Mediterranean Cured Meats & Seafood, Dips, Cheeses, Cured Vegetables, Marinated Olives.
* Served with Fresh Breads, Bread Sticks, Biscuits & Crackers

Little Food for 1 hour….
* Roast Baby Beetroot Tartlets, Chévre, Hazelnuts, French Lentils, Micro Chard  * Tuna Sashimi, Pickled Ginger, Lime & Black Sesame, Shredded Nori; served on a ceramic spoon
* Lemongrass Spears of Mahi Mahi cooked on the Barby to order
* Rosemary Skewers of Halloumi, Zucchini & Lemon, cooked on the Barby to order

* Hot Multigrain & Wholegrain Breads served with Butter
* Rocket & Parmesan salad, Lemon Vinaigrette
* Whole Baby Snapper rubbed with Herbs, Lemon, Garlic & Ginger
* Wild Rice Salad with Sweetcorn, Zest, Cranberries, Almond
* Rosemary & Garlic spiked Leg of Lamb, Old Fashioned Homemade Gravy
* Sticky Roast Pumpkin Wedges with 5 Spice
* Slow Roast Beef cooked in Bay, Green Peppercorns & Red Wine, with Baby Carrots & Sticky Onions, Béarnaise Sauce on the side
* Steamed Winter Greens tossed with Lemon, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

* Sticky Date Wedding Cake, with Cream Cheese Frosting; served with Hot Butterscotch Sauce, French Vanilla Icecream, & Chantilly Cream

*Caramelised Leg of Sweet Bangalow Ham glazed with Maple, Guiness, Orange Zest…
* Stilton Cheese, Double Cream Brie, Honeycombe * Crusty French Bread, Mustards, Homemade Peach Relish

Sarah DeNardi