Rachel & Ramai


Byron Bay Hinterland

Perhaps it’s almost safe to say that Eatdrink is becoming a fan of wet weddings… dangerous words? Not if you were part of Rachel & Ramai’s wedding celebrations on the 2nd of June – guests, the Eatdrink crew, and Kate from the wonderful Gurragawee can vouch for a fantastic night rain & all…

The beauty of having your wedding at Gurragawee is its many unfolding & varied locations, all well thought out stepping stones carrying the guests from one chapter in the event to the next. Rachel took full advantage of this as one of the most hands on, organised, on top of things DIY Bride we have met yet.

Friday’s set up was filled with family and friends abuzz helping out, building the ceremony arbor, decorating for the ceremony and canapé hour, cutting to size 90 rosemary sprigs and hole punching each name tag to fit them to. As we set the dinner tables for the feast, you could feel the thought and care that had gone into every detail – efforts which truly paid their dues the next day.

On the day guests arrived down a winding autumn avenue to the homestead front door, greeted with waitpersons serving jam jars of punch and a handsome verandah for collecting the congregation. Ushered through the homestead, the aptly named “Inside Outside Room” provided the perfect wet weather space for the ceremony, before all spilled back to the verandahs for mezze nibbles and a celebratory glass or 2 while the papparazi did their thing…

The rain didn’t let up, so canapés were served throughout the homestead and conservatoire, with the odd explorer venturing down curious garden paths. We’re pretty sure the stuffed tempura zucchini flowers and mini fish & chips made it to everyone though!

Following that everyone moved into the marquee, where the ambiance was warm & elegant thanks to tasteful centerpieces and a fantastic vintage ladder “chandelier” of hanging light bulbs, flowers & hearts.

Heartfelt speeches were delivered as our team prepared to deliver the rolling degustation. The menu was also designed to suit the large vegetarian contingent with well received dishes such as the Traditional Spanikopita and Stuffed Field Mushrooms individually served. Meanwhile for the more carnivorous, home favorites were glammed up, such as the Lemon Thyme Chicken with Inside Out Stuffing and Homestyle Gravy, as well as the Half Day Casino Beef with Caramelised Baby Carrots, Sticky Onions and a Cabernet Jus.

After the feast, guests were informed that there would be one final move, and joined Rachel and Ramai for the cake cutting at the final “reveal”. A procession of umbrellas ferried guests through the flood lit garden to The Shed, and were met at the barn doors with cocktails of Mojitos and Lychee Martinis. A perfect way to whet the whistle for a couple of hours of dancing, dessert, and lounging in Guragawee’s best kept secret.

The festivities were still going strong when the buses arrived for Byron town. It was a fantastic evening and we all left on a high note , a great way to finish off the Autumn season and to farewell our great couple.

Congratulations Rachel & Ramai from all the Eatdrink team!!

Sarah DeNardi