Zoie & Mike

Byron View Farm

Byron Bay

Zoie & Mike let me create a Tuscan feast for them, with the Italian theme running throughout the entire menu as well as paying a beautiful tribute to Mikes’ Dad. Zoie helped whet my appetite with mood boards and images to get the creative wheels turning and a menu underway. The only problem was too much choice.

It eventually narrowed down to the menu of the day, which at no point felt narrow at all. Byron View Farm saw a flawless day melt into sunset, and guests moved from canapés on the Queenslander verandah into the warm glow of the marquee for the main affair…. Hearty, rustic, soulful and elegant could surmise it, and a complete pleasure it was to cook from our wee tent in a paddock. The cows enjoyed the show too.

Definitely one of my favourite menus – it embodies everything I love in cooking and the theatre which food can become. I enjoyed getting out amongst the guests to help carve chunks off the Parmigiano Reggiano wheels on the table. Guests took over from there with the mini Milano cheese graters, and doctored up their dinners. Amidst the tables stood mini bottles of extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic to keep the theatrics alive.

We finished off a magic night with affogatos, Byron Beans espresso and fromaggio.. Perfecto!

The Menu

To begin
* Abundant Italian Antipasti of Crispy Pancetta & Prosciuttio, Salmon cured with Juniper, Dill & White Sambucca, Warmed Olives, Fetta marinated in Lemon Thyme & Pink Pepper, Artichokes, Steamed Asparagi in Salsa, Baked Ricotta, Pesto Dip, Salsa Rosa, & Parmesan & Chili Polenta
* Served with Fresh Breads, Grissini, Biscuits & Crackers

Little Food
* Wild Mushroom & Truffle Arancini, Gorgonzola centre
* Zucchini Flowers with Tempura Batter, Chevre, Basil, Lemon & Pinenut Stuffing
* Grilled Scallops on a ceramic spoon, Pancetta Crumbs, Sweet Corn Salsa Crema, Capers
* Baby Caprese Salads of Fresh Mozzarella, Cherry Tomato & Basil on Pane Rustica, drizzled with Extra virgin Olive Oil

* Rosetta Rolls, served with Balsamic & EVOO
* Parma Ham, Fennel, Radicchio, Marscapone & Candied Walnuts, Hazelnut Vinaigrette
* Baked Lemon & Fennel Risotto
* Simple Rocket, Pear, & Parmagiano Reggiano, Lemon Dressing
* Bangalow Pork stuffed with Macadamias, Preserved Lemon, Sage & Thyme, wrapped in Proscuittio, Sage Burnt Butter
* Steamed Early Winter Greens, tossed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lemon Zest
* Slow Roast Shoulder of Lamb rubbed in Garlic, Oregano, Anchovy, Green Pepper, served with Gremolata
* Baby New Season Potatoes tossed in Italian Herbs with Citrus Zest & Butter

* Italian inspired Wedding Cake of Chocolate, Espresso, Hazelnut & Marscapone;
* Affogato with Byron Beans Espresso & French Vanilla Icecream
* Italian Cheese Platters with Fresh & Dried Fruits, Home Grown Honeycombe
* Served with Byron Beans Espresso a selection of Herbal & Regular Teas,

* Caramelised Leg of Ham glazed with Maple, Guiness, Clove
* Crusty French Bread, Mustards, Homemade Peach Relish

Thanks to Maria Birch for helping to create a veritable feast for the eyes and a seamless event.

Sarah DeNardi